Rock Your Little Heart Out To Angel Du$t’s “Upside Down”

From the pop punk band’s upcoming sophomore effort, Rock The Fuck On Forever, out May 29.

March 24, 2016

Angel Du$t is a Baltimore supergroup-type crew made up of five dudes who are all in hardcore bands (Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile). Their sophomore album Rock The Fuck On Forever (this title rules) is coming out May 29, and will be the first-ever release from a new label called Pop Wig. Like the album title suggests, they're pretty much all about rocking the fuck on, which is something I can get really down with. The album's second single, "Upside Down," is a speedy ripper that makes me feel like I'm thirteen in the best way possible, head-banging by myself like the true pop-punk wallflower that I was.

"'Upside Down' is your chance to take a small step back from the pit and rock the fuck on in your own personal space," frontman Justice Tripp told The FADER in an email. "We wrote this whopper because the Ramones kick fucking butt. This is the one your mom will like." \m/

Rock Your Little Heart Out To Angel Du$t’s “Upside Down”