Photay Releases A Joyful And Cinematic Video For “Monday”

Get your week together with some funky movement and lots of good vibes.

March 24, 2016

Photay's short film, "Monday" is a Sprinkle Lab produced visual project that brings together all the wonderful reminders of the hope that can blossom into beautiful beginnings. The first day of the week can seem daunting, but in the music video film directed by Ivan Cash, a woman's morning is transformed by small yet powerful things. As the lead character journeys throughout her day, the joy in the faces of the train dancers highlight the potential change a day can bring, no matter how rough it begins.


In an an email to The FADER, Photay explained the video, "At some point or another we all find ourselves deep in monotonous routine, often causing us to be less present & joyful. Ivan (the director) and I wanted to create a glimpse into a Monday morning where one particular woman is inspired to bend her reality by dancing around the city and interrupting the lives of other everyday commuters.”

Enjoy the video above.

Photay Releases A Joyful And Cinematic Video For “Monday”