The Weeknd Remixes Bryson Tiller’s “Rambo”

The Toronto R&B singer just uploaded it to his SoundCloud.

March 30, 2016

After a snippet found its way online earlier this week, The Weeknd has released his contributions to Bryson Tiller's track "Rambo." Playing off the haunting, melodic keys, The Weeknd goes all the way in here. Like, not his familiar soulful goon croon going in, but full on bars, matching Tiller's quickness with ease. The breakout artist from Louisville, Kentucky released his runaway mixtape album project T R A P S O U L last autumn, to much fanfare.

Listen to the remix below.


The Weeknd's first mixtape was a monumental moment for this decade's R&B, and for the city it came from. Read our roundtable on the influence of House of Balloons.

The Weeknd Remixes Bryson Tiller’s “Rambo”