Adult Jazz Shares “Eggshell”

Earrings Off! arrives next month.

April 04, 2016

The next Adult Jazz mini-album will come out on Tri Angle records, known as the home of artists like the Haxan Cloak and Rabit. Today Adult Jazz unveiled the clip for a new track titled "Eggshell." The visual is bleached bright white; the camera focuses on a lone figure who flashes a slightly creepy smile and executes a series of awkward dance moves.


"Eggshell" will appear on Earrings Off!, which hits shelves May 20. "The record is about masculinity," singer Harry Burgess explains in a press release. "Embodiment, lust, idealization, privilege, legitimacy and limitation. It's about acknowledging the weight, with a view to liberation from its past clout. It's about picking your ideal body, and playing with body language to achieve authenticity. It's about the possibility of authenticity. Some identities are culturally designated as coherent, and work off the hanger from birth. Some are more bespoke!”

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Adult Jazz Shares “Eggshell”