The Last Time Drake Dropped An Album In The Summer, There Was A Riot

Never forget.

April 05, 2016

For a guy whose voice has owned the radio and the clubs for the past six summers, Drake has only once dropped an album in the warmer months: Thank Me Later, his official YMCMB debut, was released on June 10, 2010. You may remember where you were when you first heard it—one FADER staffer has copped to a distinct memory that involved listening to the slinky "Shut It Down" under a bridge—but for a few thousand New Yorkers, Thank Me Later release day flashbacks are a bit grimmer.


That evening, capacity issues prompted first a delay and then a cancellation of a free Drake concert at the South Street Seaport, at an event put on by PAPER and where '90s boy band Hanson was also due to perform. Members of the swelling, sweaty crowd, their thirst for Drake having gone unquenched, became unruly. Bottles were lobbed, chairs were flung, and one lowly intern (me) ran for her life. Drake's upcoming Views From The 6, which he teased today with a pair of singles featuring Jay Z, Kanye West, and Wizkid, will mark the first time since that fateful first album that he drops a project during the fairer season. Here's hoping no historic, tourist-friendly spaces are turned into apocalyptic hellscapes by rabid fans.

The Last Time Drake Dropped An Album In The Summer, There Was A Riot