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Watch Dreamcrusher’s Scary-Good “Codeine Eyes” Video

The New York noise artist takes on nature in a visceral new clip.

April 05, 2016

In a lot of ways, the music that Luwayne Glass makes as Dreamcrusher feels inextricably linked to the city. Its rough textures and hard-to-find beauty spots have a lot in common with the inescapable disorder of New York, and the opening song on Quid Pro Quo, their newest release, is even called "Myrtle Ave-Broadway," named after the heavily trafficked Bushwick intersection that's like an epicenter for the city's DIY music scene.


But in the new video for "Codeine Eyes," also from Quid Pro Quo, Glass ditches the gridlocked chaos for the woods. The track's bulldozing feedback and growling blast beats are paired with hi-res shots of nature, and the combination is halfway between cathartic and terrifying. "The song and video are about forcing yourself to lose yourself to escape reality and society because everything sucks," Dreamcrusher told The FADER in an email. "[It's also about] how no living thing can escape from themselves."

Quid Pro Quo is out now via Fire Talk. The Brooklyn label also recently reissued eight older Dreamcrusher releases, each of which is worth digging into.

Dreamcrusher tour dates:

4/6 - New York, N.Y. - Le Poisson Rouge
4/8 - Brooklyn, N.Y. - Silent Barn
4/13 - Brooklyn, N.Y. - Alphaville
4/22 - Brooklyn, N.Y. - Bell House
4/24 - Hudson, N.Y. - Basilica Hudson (24 Hour Drone Experiment In Sound and Music)

Watch Dreamcrusher’s Scary-Good “Codeine Eyes” Video