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Fekky And Giggs Have “Gossip” For You

Two UK rappers step over the imitators.

April 12, 2016

Fekky is one of the UK rappers who stormed the BRITS with Kanye West for that legendary “All Day” performance. He also brought Dizzee Rascal back into the grime revival on “Still Sittin' Here,” a flip of the first track on grime legend's debut Boy In Da Corner. For his latest video “Gossip,” Fekky enlists Giggs, who turns in yet another sterling guest verse. “Gossip” is subby sibling of Nas's “Made You Look,” sharing gunshots as effective percussion and rapper-as-overlord perspectives. Adding to that theme is the video, shot in black-and-white in such locales as an abattoir, pool hall and on a London skyline. Check it out above.

Fekky And Giggs Have “Gossip” For You