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Wiz Khalifa Stays “Elevated” In A New Video

The triumphant track from Khalifa gets a visual treatment.

April 13, 2016

"It was about showing a little bit of my skills, that I’m in a class by myself," Wiz Khalifa told Vogue regarding his latest video for "Elevated". The song, a track from his Khalifa album, is a triumphant testament to the Pittsburgh rapper's rise to the top against all odds. The video is full of comfort scenes for Wiz: he smokes weed in a hotel room and enjoys a lavish dinner with his friends. He also elaborated on the cool pants that he wears in the video: "I’ve got a pair of Saint Laurent jeans that I wear in the video and I have another pair that I made myself. Well, they’re custom, so they’re tailored."

Wiz Khalifa Stays “Elevated” In A New Video