Cam Kirk Presents His Day 4 Exhibit, An Atlanta Billboard Featuring Bankroll Fresh

R.I.P. Bankroll Fresh

April 19, 2016
Cam Kirk Presents His<i> Day 4 </i>Exhibit, An Atlanta Billboard Featuring Bankroll Fresh Kivenchy

Atlanta rap photographer Cam Kirk has unveiled the first installment of his Day 4 exhibit featuring Bankroll Fresh, on a billboard along Atlanta's skyline. On March 4, Fresh lost his life after being shot at a studio in his hometown. Kirk collaborated with some of his friends and Atlanta's biggest producers—including Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital and Southside—to kick off the exhibit, which features photos, taken by Kirk, of some of the city's most treasured artists. Each month, the images will be swapped out with those of other rappers from the city. The project is being funded through the Kickstarter campaign where supporters can donate. The Bankroll Fresh tribute will be on the billboard located at 10th Street and Northside Drive for two months before the new installment is revealed.


Over an email,The FADER spoke to Cam Kirk about the inspiration behind the exhibit and why it's important for Atlanta.

How'd you all decide to collaborate on this exhibit?

The idea of a photography exhibit on billboards in Atlanta was an idea that I have been planning for quite some time as a follow up to my Trap God Exhibit. I just honestly had no idea how I was going to do it or when would be the right time. The death of Bankroll Fresh was something that greatly impacted me and so many others in Atlanta and I wanted to do something special in memory of my friend.

I did all of the research and planning to figure out what it would take to put up a single billboard in Atlanta and I reached out to my brothers, Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, and Southside of 808 Mafia for help. With absolutely no hesitation they offered to pitch in financially with me to fund this billboard for Bankroll. As I began to solidify the billboard for Bankroll I thought to myself, "What better way to make this even bigger than to make this first billboard the launch of my next exhibit." So I decided to dedicate my entire billboard exhibit concept to Bankroll Fresh.

Why was it important for you all to invest in this billboard to commemorate Bankroll Fresh in such a public way?

With all of us traveling, due to the success of our different careers, we rarely have time to really settle down and connect with those that really mean so much to us. I was actually on tour when I heard the news of Bankroll's death and I did not have time to really settle down and pay my respects to my friend. The idea to do it publicly and in the heart of the city was to pay my respect and homage to my friend in the loudest way. I want the world to know that we lost more than a rapper; we lost a great man that touched so many people, whose legacy deserves to be remembered and held high in the sky. ​

What type of impact do you want it to have?


I want this particular billboard of Bankroll Fresh to be remembered for years to come in the lives of those living in Atlanta and beyond. I hope that it can be a visual expression of peace, excitement, and nostalgia for all of those whose lives he touched. Overall I want my Day 4 Exhibit to be another step in the direction of connecting hip-hop lovers and art and photography lovers together through this innovative idea. I hope to impact society and continue to shift the culture paradigm of photography. I want to continue the mission of photographers before me, like Chi Modu who believed in bringing art and photography directly to the people. Hopefully this billboard exhibit will have a lasting impression on the history of photography.

Cam Kirk Presents His Day 4 Exhibit, An Atlanta Billboard Featuring Bankroll Fresh