Watch Cam’ron Unbox His Purple Haze Reebok Collaboration

Killa Cam’s pink and purple Ventilator Supremes drop tomorrow with a new song called “Fuck Outta Here.” 💨

April 19, 2016

Last month Cam'ron let it slip that he had teamed up with Reebok to design a sneaker to celebrate his 2004 masterpiece Purple Haze and herald its sequel, Purple Haze 2, which is supposedly in the works. Now that the shoe's release is imminent—it drops tomorrow, a.k.a. 4/20—we have a little more information to share.


As seen below, Cam'ron's Reebok Ventilator Supreme collaboration is purple on the outside and pink on the inside. What is really special, though, are the insoles, which feature the iconic shot of Cam swaddled in pink fur and talking on a pink flip phone.

Additionally, 500 lucky souls will receive their pair in a clear purple box packed with Killa socks, Killa rolling papers, grape Now & Laters, and a pepperoni pizza USB holding a new Killa song called "Fuck Outta Here." Cam'ron himself details these goods in an unboxing-style video he posted to Instagram yesterday (above).

Cam will be at the Jimmy Jazz in Harlem tomorrow for Purple Haze x Reebox release. Earlier reports suggest that they will cost $125. (Reps for Reebok and Cam were not immediately available to confirm.)

Watch Cam’ron Unbox His <i>Purple Haze</i> Reebok Collaboration Courtesy Reebok

The sole of of this #PurpleHaze Sneaker is cray.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Reebok #420 #Fleeboks

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Watch Cam’ron Unbox His Purple Haze Reebok Collaboration