Beyoncé Tweeted For The First Time In Three Years

UPDATE: Beyoncé had a huge night on Twitter.

April 24, 2016

Since joining Twitter in April, 2012, Beyoncé has amassed 14.2 million followers. On Saturday night, she sent her 9th tweet ever. For a sense of just how rarely Beyoncé tweets: she sent zero tweets about her self-titled visual album in 2013. All but two of her tweets are about charitable efforts and the other two promote her own work—one for the launch of her website in 2012 and now this one, sending her followers to check out LEMONADE.


Beyoncé also changed her profile picture on Saturday night—from a simple blue logo meant to endorse TIDAL—to the LEMONADE cover art. A rep for Beyoncé did not immediately return a request asking if this means Beyoncé would start using Twitter more.

Update (4/24 12:25 p.m.): Beyoncé had a giant night on Twitter.

According to a spokesperson from Twitter, "there were 1.8M Tweets globally about the HBO special (measuring Tweets sent from 6pm - 2am ET)."

For comparison's sake, in the 24 hours after Rihanna's ANTI was released, there were 675,000 tweets sent about that album.

Beyoncé Tweeted For The First Time In Three Years