Sunflower Bean’s Rock & Roll Feeling

We spent some time with the New York trio, at home and on stage.

April 26, 2016

The most reliable thing about New York City's music scene is that you can't rely on it at all. The members of Sunflower Bean, brought up on all-ages DIY shows and waterfront warehouse parties, have already seen their share of changes—and they're only 20. Trends have come and gone, venues have closed, and rock music has drifted further from the mainstream than ever. But guitar music will never not have a place in the city, and Sunflower Bean's tripped-out songs and wild live shows are proof of that.


For a new video, the trio spent some time with The FADER in Brooklyn, and then later in Lower Manhattan, where they played a landmark sold-out show at Bowery Ballroom. Hit play for a glimpse into their version of the city: a place where rock & roll never went away.

Sunflower Bean’s Rock & Roll Feeling