Future Will Be Attending Tonight’s Met Gala

No word yet on the Percocet and a gallon.

May 02, 2016

U put me back in my zone...👑

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Right in the middle of Drake's new album, Views, is "Grammys," a duet with Future that alludes to both artists' slights from The Recording Academy. While Drake has been nominated 27 times, he only has one Grammy to his name. Future has famously never been nominated for a Grammy—much to the annoyance of his fans and Kanye West.

On the song, Future raps, They want me to go to the Met Gala/ I want a Percocet and a gallon/ That Actavis, Hi-Tech, it don't matter. A rep for Future confirmed to The FADER over email that Future would, in fact, be in attendance at tonight's event (it's unclear whether or not he got the Percocet and lean). Anna Wintour seems to have recognized what the Grammys cannot—Future is important.

For what it's worth, GQ just named Future one of its most stylish men alive.

Future Will Be Attending Tonight’s Met Gala