9 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

May 04, 2016
9 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

1. We can't reach a consensus about our favorite track on Drake's admittedly uneven Views, but we all like "U With Me?” a lot—not least because it shows the good, different parts of his range.


2. Mitski's new full-length is one of our most anticipated summer records, and just-dropped electric folk single "Happy," which pairs rickety percussion with lovesick lyrics about cookies and sex, is a great example as to why.

3. With its Wicker Man-channeling claymation video and panic-attack strings, Radiohead's much-discussed "Burn The Witch" sort of feels unstuck in time and space. And it's a place we'll gladly inhabit for three minutes and fifty-nine seconds.

4. Kehlani's new song "24/7" offers comfort to anyone who might think their emotional demons aren't a normal part of existing on this fucked-up planet: I don't know nobody who thinks they're somebody 24/7, she sings.

5. The new song from LUH, the duo of ex-Wu Lyf vocalist Ellery James Roberts and Ebony Hoorn, is completely batshit, setting Roberts' arena-sized growl over blown-out, vaguely occult-ish textures.

6. ILoveMakonnen, Lil Yachty, and Skippa Da Flippa linked, thank god, for "Loaded Up." Danny Wolf's beat goes, too. Everyone's an MVP.

7. We've had Akim's Spanish-language jam "No Sabes Del Amor" on loop since we heard it on Riobamba's ridiculously strong FADER Mix.

8. We're fully expecting that the new Rihanna and Calvin Harris collab, "This Is What You Came For," to be inescapable in the coming warmer months—that is if these April showers ever go away. It's May 4 for pete's sake!

9. It might not be as flawfree as Lil Yachty's Rugrats-flipping "All Time," but Duwap Kaine's wiggly "A Stove Is A Stove" should rile up a few Spongebob heads. Another welcome addition to the Nicktoons-core canon.

Lead Image: Drake: JJ, Mitski: Ebru Yildiz, Radiohead:John Shearer/Getty Images, Kehlani: Joyce Kim.

9 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week