Dat Boi Is An Industry Plant

The latest episode of The FADEAWAY, our NBA playoff podcast—featuring Sir Foster, the Heat, the Spurs, dat boi, and much, much more—is here.

May 10, 2016

On this week's episode, Amos Barshad is joined by his fellow FADER folks (and unashamed Lakers fans) David Rosenfeld and Jason Parham. The trio say goodbye to the dearly departed Atlanta Hawks, run through some internet conspiracies, imagine dream scenarios for the rest of Kevin Durant's career, and go deep on new Sacramento Kings' coach Dave Joerger's wife's horse barrel racing obsession.


Then, a very special guest calls in! It's Sir Foster, the organist for the Atlanta Hawks famed for his in-game adaptations of the hottest mixtape cuts. We try to convince him to re-do "Roundball Rock." We maybe succeed.

Take a listen above, and make sure to subscribe to The FADEAWAY on Soundcloud and on iTunes as well.

Dat Boi Is An Industry Plant