Watch Mozzy’s “Finding Myself” Video

The introspective track from Beautiful Struggle gets a visual.

May 26, 2016

Mozzy has released, and plans to release, so many projects in 2016 that it's sometimes difficult to keep track. In April, he released Extracurricular Activities with Oakland's Stevie Joe, and dropped Fraternal Twins with E Mozzy this month. The Sacramento rapper aims to make a big splash in June with his solo album Mandatory Check.


Today, Mozzy went back to his Beautiful Struggle album from March to share a video for "Finding Myself". I think I'm finding myself/ You know nothing of this pain that I felt, he raps on the hook. Mozzy has collaborated with numerous Northern California artists, but he had some choice words this week for a certain Atlanta rapper who tried to slide in his DMs to solicit features. Mozzy's Mandatory Check is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

Watch Mozzy’s “Finding Myself” Video