Tour The Bay Area With P-Lo, G-Eazy, And Jay Ant In “Light This Bitch Up”

The HBK Gang’s city pride is on full display.

May 30, 2016

P-Lo's "Light The Bitch Up" video takes viewers on a glitchy tour of the Bay Area, with G-Eazy and Jay Ant in tow. It's all about local flavor in the PMAC-directed video — luminaries like E-40 and P-Lo's HBK Gang show up for video portraits, as well as local dance crews and the Mac Dre mural. P-Lo hopes that "Light This Bitch Up" showcases his city's diversity, he explained via email.

<p>The song and video is representative of the different sides of the Bay Area. Where we are from is very diverse and I wanted show the different cultures and how we all able to co-exist not only in music but as humans. The Bay Area is such a rare and unique place and think this is pretty much a time capsule for what it is right now.</p>