This Is Why You Need To Vote In The E.U. Referendum

It’s happening June 23.

June 06, 2016

On June 23, the U.K. public will vote on whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union. It will be one of the single most important votes made in most voters' lifetimes. And yet, the government, with its spectacularly patronizing adverts, has totally failed to involve young people in the discussion (leaving creatives to take matters into their own hands). A survey for The Observer earlier this year found that only 52% of 18 - 24 year olds were "definitely" going to vote in the referendum. That same demographic are more likely to vote Remain, meaning that if young people don't turn out to vote on June 23, the voting population could lean in favor of voting Leave.


A vote to leave the E.U. would have ramifications in Britain for years, even decades, to come. If you're aged between 18 and 24, this is your future that is being voted on, and your vote is vital. You really should make your voice heard at your local polling station on June 23, and here's why.

Leaving the E.U. could affect your studies abroad and at home.

U.K. universities receive millions in funding from the E.U. every year. Thousands of British students have also had the opportunity to study abroad at European universities under the E.U.'s Erasmus exchange program.

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It could affect your movement from the U.K. to the E.U.

The free movement of people is one of the four founding principles of the E.U. It is unclear how cheap or easy it would be to move around the E.U. — whether you wanted to travel or move for work — if Britain left the E.U.

And it will affect movement of people from the E.U. to the U.K.

Leave campaigners believe that immigration is putting pressure on public resources and jobs in the U.K. On the flip side, Remain campaigners say that immigration makes the U.K. prosperous.

E.U. legislation is behind workers' rights like holiday pay and maternity leave.

The Leave campaign say that immigration is placing pressure on wages and jobs for British citizens; but the Remain campaign believe that workers need the protection of E.U. legislation. For example, the E.U. sets a limit on your average weekly hours.

The E.U. protects the environment.

The E.U. legislates on water quality, air pollution, and climate change. Wildlife preservation charities like the WWF are urging voters to vote Remain. If we left, any effect on our ecology would obviously have the biggest impact on young people.

Donald Trump wants Britain to leave the E.U.

He's one of the few public figures who has spoken out in favor of Vote Leave, along with London's ex-mayor Boris Johnson.

Among those backing Vote Remain are David Cameron, Barack Obama, Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, London's new mayor Sadiq Khan, and a bunch of British celebrities including Benedict Cumberbatch.

But enough about what a gaggle of old men want. Don't let them decide on your future.

This Is Why You Need To Vote In The E.U. Referendum