Questlove Reviewed And Rated All Of Prince’s Warner Brothers Catalogue

He breaks down everything from For You to The Truth.

June 08, 2016


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Questlove is one of the foremost Prince scholars. He's a passionate fan who has shared no shortage of his love before and since The Purple One's passing. Yesterday, on Prince Day, Quest posted reviews to each and every one of Prince's albums that were released on Warner Brothers Records. According to the piece over on Okayplayer the reviews were part of a Questlove Facebook post where he was just helping someone new to the Prince catalogue start exploring. Now everyone can bask in Quest's deep knowledge. Here's what he had to say about 1999...


the songwriting was at his most perfect and focused and creative. his musicianship and mixing were off the chain. you hear this now and it sounds normal, but i assure you. when they premiered the title cut on radio were heard NOTHING LIKE IT EVER.

Here's Questlove on Purple Rain...

so massive is this album i always overlook it. like Thriller, PR is a way of life not just a record. this changed our view on life. prince had exotic honeys? we wanted exotic honeys. prince dressed a certain way? we (for the most part in 84) followed suit (even the RUN DMC looking cats respected princes steeze.

Head over to Okayplayer to read the rest of Questlove's reviews.

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Questlove Reviewed And Rated All Of Prince’s Warner Brothers Catalogue