Watch Emily Yacina’s Stunning New Video For “A Curse”

It’s like getting lost inside the New York songwriter’s head.

June 09, 2016

Last year, Emily Yacina self-released Soft Stuff, a really strong collection of swirled, hazy pop songs. Her new video for "A Curse," debuting above, opens with her delivering a few lines a capella from an enviably giant bathtub. You spill all the wine on my bed, Yacina sings, only half-enunciating. When the song actually kicks in — subdued, minimal, a tiny bit druggy — the bathroom turns into a cave of pastel flowers, as if she's inside the Power, Corruption & Lies album cover. She toys with a pink carnation in the bath water, which is as murky as the song's production.


"I got the idea when I was taking a bath," Sophie Savides, Yacina's friend who directed the clip, explained to The FADER over email. "Emily has such a sensitivity and an intimacy in her songs. I also find them very ethereal. I wanted to bring all of those elements together. The video is about her world and being lost in her imagination. It’s in that space that Emily so graciously lets us into." The Soft Stuff cassette is sold out, but you can listen and download over at Bandcamp.

Watch Emily Yacina’s Stunning New Video For “A Curse”