Kanye West Adds New Song “Saint Pablo” To The Life of Pablo

Another change to the album.

June 14, 2016

Kanye West's The Life of Pablo mysteriously disappeared from Tidal this evening, and, on background, The FADER learned that the album was being "refreshed and redelivered." The album is back on the streaming service, and Kanye has, yet again, added new material to the album he previously called, " a living breathing changing creative expression."


The new song, "Saint Pablo," comes in around six minutes, and features Kanye and Sampha on vocals. The track is produced by Allen Ritter, Mike Dean, and Kanye. "Saint Pablo" also includes a composition credit for Shawn "Jay Z" Carter, as the song samples Jay's "Where I'm From". Listen to the new song above via Tidal and here via Apple Music.