The FADER Weekend Reading List

Kim K., gun honchos, Netflix, and Gawker star in this week’s long reads roundup.

June 17, 2016
The FADER Weekend Reading List Getty / Timothy A. Clary, Illustration by Leah Mandel
Fully Loaded

Josh Harksinon, Mother Jones


There's a lot to be angry about in the wake of the Orlando tragedy. One of the things that should make you fume (and want to make some political change) is that the U.S. is run by greed. In this case, our lack of gun control is funded by gun honchos rolling in dough.

Queer Is Invincible

Alex Frank, The FADER

What does it mean to be proud? Alex Frank's powerful essay on the meaning of queer pride is a must-read. "It is an imperfect weapon, pride, but it is a resilient one."

Can Netflix Survive in the New World It Created?

Joe Nocera, NYT Magazine

Essentially, Netflix started a TV and movie streaming revolution. But will they be able to keep up with what they started? Nocera peers behind the curtain to find out what Netflix's next moves are, and how they're thinking about the future of streaming.

Yung Lean's Second Chance

Duncan Cooper, The FADER

One of our own jetted to Sweden to talk to outsider rapper Yung Lean about all kinds of things you wouldn't know about him just by looking. It's a crazy story of tragedy and chaos and getting ready for life's next steps.

Gawker Was A Great Place To Become A Journalist

Adrian Chen, The New Yorker

"I was captivated by the site’s gonzo style, in which Gawker’s most engaging writers became starring characters in the drama they covered. They seemed to take real risks, proving the value of pulling back the curtain on the rich and powerful by pulling it back on themselves," writes Chen in this essay (which, he notes, is not a defense of Gawker) on how working as the night editor at the infamous, now-bankrupt media site taught him to be the journalist he is today.

Kim Kardashian West Has A Few Things To Get Off Her Chest

Caity Weaver, GQ

If you didn't read this profile of Kim K. the moment it went online, you should really do that now. Weaver totally pinpoints the artistry with which Kim has turned her life into her business. Plus, some gems from Nori.

The FADER Weekend Reading List