Jensen Sportag’s Elegant Remake Of Obey City’s Kelela Collaboration “Airy” Gets An Intimate New Video

Featuring Ex Machina actress Sonoya Mizuno.

June 23, 2016

Nashville production duo Jensen Sportag's recent rework of Obey City's "Airy" is elegant but unfussy, and complete, keeping Kelela's yearning vocals and not much else.


"Right from the opening chords, this one really caught my ear," said Obey City (a.k.a. Sam Obey) in an email to The FADER. "It sounded like a completely different, beautiful song — new arrangement, instruments, key, everything. And that’s what [Jensen Sportag] do best: they literally re-invent and re-contextualize songs based off the original acapella (and have been doing it for years, just check out their remix discography). I described it by saying it’s more of a movie than a remix and I still feel that way."

In the spirit of the remix's cinematic scope, LuckyMe has shared an intimate video for the track that stars Ex Machina actress Sonoya Mizuno alone in a dark dance studio, rehearsing, or maybe just working out her emotions. Think Black Swan, but 100-minutes shorter.

Watch the video for Jensen Sportag's remix of "Airy" above. Obey City's Merlot Sounds: Alternative Versions, featuring additional work by Leaving Records’ Osaka-based alchemist Seiho, S-Type, Deebs, and Hi Tom, is out now.