Watch Obey City And Kelela’s “Airy” Video

“Only the wind knows how to make me cry.”

July 14, 2015

Today the producer and songwriter Obey City shared the video for "Airy," his recent collaboration with Kelela. Kelela starts the tune with a realization and a let-down: I talked a lot of shit baby—I see that now. The track channels the unchecked emotion and synthesizer tones of an '80s ballad, while Melissa Matos's clip conveys the texture and sharp zooms of an old home video. Text flits across the bottom of the screen, but the words aren't song lyrics. One statement reads, "The action is printed, diluted, and generally circumvents the events." Another declares: "It's not as important as it feels," but Kelela's voice argues the opposite.


"Airy" originally appeared on the Merlot Sounds EP in February. Revisit Obey City's FADER mix, and read the GEN F profile of Kelela.

Watch Obey City And Kelela’s “Airy” Video