RZA Backs Hillary Clinton For President

“It would be very unique for us to do it with a woman.”

July 12, 2016

RZA described America as “a guiding light” in a new interview, saying that electing Barack Obama as President “fulfilled what the principles of our country are”. Next he wants to see a female President.


“It would be very unique for us to do it with a woman, because that follows the principles of what we are saying this country is,” he told The Daily Beast. “I’ve been traveling the world from [Bill] Clinton to Bush to Barack Obama, right? And when I was going around the world during Clinton, the party was good, people came in and paid for the tickets, I wasn’t mad, room service was good, the restaurant treatment was good. When I traveled the world during Bush, people was hating on me." RZA is currently promoting his Banks and Steelz project, a collaboration with Interpol's Paul Banks, after announcing he would work in a reduced capacity on the next Wu-Tang Clan record.

Posted: July 12, 2016