Clubz Gears Up For A New Album With A Fourth-Wall-Breaking Visual

The Mexican New Wave duo shares a nostalgic video for “El Rollo.”

July 22, 2016

A few years back, The FADER talked to Mexican guitar-pop duo Clubz about their Texturas EP and the Monterrey music scene they come from. Two years on, the Spanish-language band has experienced a lot: they've released great singles, dizzy remixes, and made cool shit with their friends. They've also toured a bunch, which they say has shaped the sound of their new full-length album.


In anticipation of that release, which will hopefully be out this fall, Clubz is sharing a visual for "El Rollo," a new ethereal, R&B-tinged pop track. It's layered with their token programmed percussion and doubled-up riffs, plus some bold-sounding sax. The clip, directed by Fuerzas Básicas and imbued with neon ping fog, features a strong '80s and ’90s vibe. It's hinged on the fourth-wall-breaking trope of great clips like Modern Baseball's "Rock Bottom" and Phoenix's "Trying To Be Cool."

In an email to The FADER, Clubz also opened up about the process of making the new album, which we're very excited to hear:

"This is a very special release for both of us. We don't feel comfortable just remaking what we did before. It's not that one album [has to be] better than the other, but each one has to have it's own magic. We've given a twist or an evolution to every new track we are working on. We always have produced ourselves and worked the recording/mix with someone else, but this time, by traveling to new places during the tour, we got involved in recording and mixing by ourselves."

Clubz Gears Up For A New Album With A Fourth-Wall-Breaking Visual