Meet Kodie Shane, The Rising Star Of Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team

And hear her unplugged single, “Losing Service”

July 25, 2016

Kodie Shane, the Atlanta rapper and singer who named herself after a cowboy, released a promising EP, Little Rocket, in June.


Last week, she shared a video for Little Rocket track “Losing Service,” a song about getting away from the internet. “I made this record when I just didn't feel like talking,” she told The FADER via email. “There are times when I may be really into a person or a thing and even though my heart is present, my mind travels. Sometimes, I wanna just lose service from the whole world.”

Kodie appears on Lil Yachty’s new Summer Songs 2 tape, with a show-stealing verse on “All In.” Watch her perform that along with other members of Yachty’s Sailing Team crew below, as part of The FADER’s short film, Keep Sailing.