Caleborate Taps Pell And Sylvan LaCue For “Options”

A new single from the Berkeley, California-based rapper’s forthcoming 1993 project.

August 03, 2016

After gaining traction with his 2015 mixtape Hella Good, Berkeley, California-based rapper Caleborate is looking to propel himself into a new tier with his upcoming 1993 album. On "Options," the second single from the forthcoming project, he brings listeners into the mind of a young artist trying to navigate the confusing world of the music industry. All my life been setbacks / ain't gon give in or accept that / I got options like Cam Newton or Steph Curry with the setbacks, he raps. Florida native Sylvan LaCue, and New Orleans rapper Pell each offer their own perspectives. Listen to "Options" below.


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Caleborate Taps Pell And Sylvan LaCue For “Options”