YG And DJ Mustard Announce 400 Summers Mixtape


August 10, 2016


YG and DJ Mustard propelled each other to stardom with their seminal Just Re'd Up mixtape series, culminating the release of YG's debut album, My Krazy Life, in 2014. But the duo had a rift after the release of the album, and DJ Mustard's production was absent from the YG's Still Krazy.

Speaking to The FADER in June, YG explained the circumstances of 2015 shooting that led him to estrange himself from his longtime producer. "I’ve been going through a lot of shit, ups and downs," he said. "I fell out with the homies. Like DJ Mustard and all the other homies — it’s why I ain’t got no Mustard beats on my album. I had a daughter, and that’s a good thing. But a couple weeks after I had my daughter, I got shot." YG late said that he had reconnected with DJ Mustard and that the two were on good terms.

It now appears that rapper/producer duo have rekindled their creative relationship as well. Today, Mustard announced that a new mixtape titled 400 Summers was on the way, and YG confirmed the news later this evening.

Representatives for YG and DJ Mustard were not immediately available for comment.

YG And DJ Mustard Announce 400 Summers Mixtape