Listen To Sunflower Bean’s Cover Of The Modern Lovers’s “Old World”

The New York band’s Basement Covers EP is out on September 9.

Photographer Meron Menghistab
September 07, 2016

Sunflower Bean aren't secretive about their influences. Their debut EP Show Me Your Seven Secrets contains a song called "Tame Impala," for one. Legendary troubadour Jonathan Richman was similarly unshy about his deference, naming one song "Velvet Underground" after the band that inspired him most. United in spirit, Sunflower Bean has covered "Old World" by Richman's seminal band The Modern Lovers. Their take will appear on their Basement Covers EP, out September 9 on Fat Possum. Their version aligns nicely with the original, its guitars bright and sunny and nostalgic.


"We chose to cover these songs for different reasons than one might usually assume," Sunflower Bean told The FADER in an email. "We weren't trying to drastically change or alter any of them, we simply chose them for personal and sentimental reasons. They are each very dear to us and we wanted to collect them together, performed by us."