Alexis Arquette Dies At 47

Actor known for roles in Last Exit To Brooklyn and The Wedding Singer passed away on September 11.

September 12, 2016
Alexis Arquette Dies At 47 Kevin Winter/ Getty

Alexis Arquette, the transgender actor, has died. She was surrounded by her family, including actors David, Rosanna, Richmond, and Patricia Arquette. They serenaded her with David Bowie’s "Starman," the siblings said in a statement. A cause of death was not given.


Arquette was born Robert Arquette in 1969 and made her name playing trans sex worker Georgette in 1989 film Last Exit To Brooklyn. She also appeared in Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother, a documentary about transitioning to becoming a woman in 2006.

Richmond Arquette confirmed the news on Facebook with a press release written by Patricia. In the statement it appears that Alexis had returned to using male pronouns at the time of her death.

The release read: "Our brother Robert, who became our brother Alexis, who became our sister Alexis, who became our brother Alexis, passed this morning September 11, at 12:32 a.m. He was surrounded by all of his brothers and sisters, one of his nieces and several other loved ones. We were playing music for him and he passed during David Bowie's "Starman."

The post continued: "As per his wishes, we cheered at the moment that he transitioned to another dimension. I am immensely grateful that it was fast and painless. It was an incredibly moving experience and I am humbled and grateful to have been able to have been with him as he began his journey onward."

Arquette also had roles in films such as Pulp Fiction, Bride of Chucky and as a Boy George impersonator in The Wedding Singer. Away from movies she performed in nightclubs and cabarets, often assuming the name Eva Destruction.

The Arquette family have requested privacy, and that donations be made to organizations that support the LGBTQ community.

Alexis Arquette Dies At 47