@ArtHouseTrump Is The Twitter Parody Account America Needs Now

Trump’s rhetoric is only effective when it’s taking down niche cinema. Pretentious!

September 16, 2016

Donald Trump's ham-handed rhetoric is appalling and reductive, except, it appears, when applied to the über-pretentious world of art house cinema, where movies are films, directors are auteurs, and the audience members, a lot of the time, are victims. I don't know who dreamt up @ArtHouseTrump, but I can unequivocally declare it my new favorite Twitter account.


Having lovingly worked at a repository theatre back in high school, I take a perverse personal pleasure in takedowns of mumblecore god Andrew Bujalski, Wings’s 1927 Best Picture win at the Oscars, or Nathaniel Dorsky's decision to not release any of his films digitally. As I wrote this, my coworker begged me to "go gentle on art house," but I don't feel like it. Pathetic!

@ArtHouseTrump Is The Twitter Parody Account America Needs Now