This iPhone 7 Case Has A Headphone Jack

A Reddit user shared plans to Kickstart a potentially game-changing device called daptr.

September 19, 2016
This iPhone 7 Case Has A Headphone Jack Photo via

Apple capped its announcement of the iPhone 7 by confirming that the device would not feature a headphone jack. A lot of people were pissed, and Reddit user DungJohnson took notice. On Friday, DungJohnson shared images of a new phone case their brother and his friend are working on, one that restores the headphone jack to the iPhone, and adds an extra Lightning port. It's called daptr. See the photos below.


Internally, daptr contains "heavily modified electronics from an iPhone 6 battery case." It will be sleek, too: according to the product's website, daptr will increase your phone size by only "3mm in thickness and 20mm in length." The second Lightning port allows users with Lightning headphones to listen to the device and charge it at the same time, something that's currently impossible on the 7 without a cumbersome third-party dongle.

If you have one of the many devices that require the headphone jack on an iPhone to function, don't worry just yet – reached over email by The FADER, daptr's developers said that the case will allow these products to function with the 7, "as long as there are no updates or changes that deactivate the use of these devices on the iPhone 7." As daptr uses Apple's proprietary Lightning port, its developers plan on getting an official "Made For iPhone" license.

daptr hopes to launch in December 2016 for a projected retail price of $49. It will come in rose gold, gold, jet black, silver, and matte black. Join the waiting list here to stay updated on the impending Kickstarter.

This iPhone 7 Case Has A Headphone Jack