Fetty Wap Showed Up To Court With $165,000 In Cash To Pay A $360 Fine

The Paterson, New Jersey native says he was arrested in July for “driving while black and rich.”

October 05, 2016

On Wednesday, Fetty Wap appeared in court in Cedar Grove, New Jersey to plead guilty to several driving offenses, and brought plenty of cash with him to pay the fines, reports.


Fetty Wap was stopped by Cedar Grove police on July 6 and was subsequently arrested and released. In court on Wednesday, Fetty pled guilty to failure to replace lost, destroyed or defaced license plates, having tinted windows that were too dark, and driving with a suspended license.

"DWB-AR, driving while black and rich," Maxwell told reporters outside the courthouse, according to When asked if there was any when with him when he was arrested, Fetty replied, "Yeah, money. Benjamin." Watch Fetty Wap pose with the cash above.

A representative for Fetty Wap was not immediately available for comment.

Posted: October 05, 2016