Listen To GAIKA’s Spaghetto EP

The London artist has released his debut project on Warp Records.

October 18, 2016
Listen To GAIKA’s <i>Spaghetto</i> EP

After signing to Warp Records in August, GAIKA has shared his first project on the iconic British label. The London artist's Spaghetto EP is a comprehensive dive into his post-industrial, dancehall-inflected sound.


Over the course of 8-track project, GAIKA explores the darkest depths of his genre-bending sound: On the EP's opener, "Neophytes," he chants, Don't you know they'll take your body/ Don't you know they'll break your body. But, at other junctions, he opens up his voice to slightly brighter notes - "Little Bit" sounds like a tune for the party, albeit on an extremely overcast night. Listen to GAIKA's Speghetto EP below and purchase the project on iTunes.

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Listen To GAIKA’s Spaghetto EP