Hellrazor Snuggle Up In Hades On “Vegas”

Michael Falcone of Speedy Ortiz’s side project shares a fuzzy rock song about the Underworld.

October 18, 2016
Hellrazor Snuggle Up In Hades On “Vegas” THATbirdDID

Before he started drumming in Speedy Ortiz, songwriter Mike Falcone did a lot of solo stuff, and now he's returning to that path with a new side project: Hellrazor. The rock band's first album Satan Smile will be out November 4 on New Professor Music. Satan Smile's second single (the first one is called "Covered In Shit"), "Vegas," is premiering today on The FADER. It's a fuzzy, melodious track that contemplates what it is to truly feel like you are in Hades.


"'Vegas' is an open-ended interpretation of hell," Falcone told The FADER over email. "It could allude to self-inflicted hell or 'hell on earth' — haunted by permanent discomfort and judgement, whatever that might mean for anyone. Musically, it's our most Todd Rundgren-inspired song."

Hellrazor Snuggle Up In Hades On “Vegas”