ItsTheReal Premiere “Dave Matthews Bands” Video

A taste of their upcoming mixtape, Teddy Bear Fresh.

October 18, 2016

Eric and Jeff Rosenthal are encyclopedically smart brothers from New York, with a deep love for hip-hop, and a way of showing it that’s unmistakably their own. As ItsTheReal, they rap, do sketch comedy and host wide-ranging interviews, and are developing a scripted show for MTV. On top of all of this, they’ve managed to find time to record a new mixtape, called Teddy Bear Fresh.


A first taste of that project is the crackling “Dave Matthews Bands,” produced by longtime ItsTheReal collaborator Greg Mayo. For the video, directed by Ian "Rex Arrow" Wolfson, they filled a caucasian house with mandala tapestries, hemp necklaces, and soprano saxophone.

"We're incredibly proud of the work we've put into this song, this video and our upcoming mixtape Teddy Bear Fresh," ItsTheReal said. "We took the last three years to make sure we improved all aspects of our production, our writing, and our ideas, and we're thrilled to share this first single! But we know we couldn't do this all alone. With that said, we want to take time to recognize Rick Ross and the entire Maybach Music Group. Shouts to Rozay. Shouts to Wale. Shouts to Meek Mill. Shouts to Gunplay. Shouts to Fat Trel. Shouts to Rockie Fresh. Shouts to Stalley. Shouts to Sam Sneak. Shouts to Young Sav. Shouts to all the Black Bottle Boys and Girls. We're not signed there but shouts to them."

ItsTheReal Premiere “Dave Matthews Bands” Video