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Cakes Da Killa Shares Debut Album Hedonism

The New Jersey rapper is demanding your attention with his new full-length.

October 21, 2016
Cakes Da Killa Shares Debut Album <i>Hedonism</i>

Cakes Da Killa has released his debut studio album, Hedonism, a collection of aggressive tracks that find the New Jersey rapper blending electro-infused production with his considerable technical rapping abilities. "A lot of people have slept on me, wrote me off, and put me in a box, and I'm here to break out," Cakes told The FADER in September when the album was announced. Hedonism features appearances from Peaches, Rye Rye, Josh Dst, as well as production from LSDXOXO, Noah Breakfast, and more. Grab the album in digital, CD, and vinyl forms on Cakes Da Killa's website.

Cakes Da Killa Shares Debut Album Hedonism