WTCHS Share The Noise-Punk Exorcism “Old Crowns”

The Hamilton band’s new album She Walks, She Creeps drops October 28.

October 24, 2016
WTCHS Share The Noise-Punk Exorcism “Old Crowns” Photo via label

The FADER recently named WTCHS as a punk band to watch, and now the noisy Hamilton band is premiering a new track "Old Crowns" today on The FADER. It's a coven of growling guitars and bellowed, distorted oaths, just in time for your annual Halloween blood ritual.


Over email, WTCHS told us how the song represents their connection as a band. "We have to be conscious and pay more attention to each other. We're friends first. We're sensitive and genuine beings. When one of us struggles, we all struggle. Then there's another side to the story where, we sometimes have to look to the universe to guide us when things are bleak. When we've struggled looking for answers within and we've come up short, we look to the divine moon. It's something we can't ignore. The song is just a piece from the puzzle that when put together is the culmination of every thought, every demon inside all five of us. There's depth to this album that we've spent over two years writing and recording. It's like a journal (of the past now) of every life we've ever lived."

Listen to "Old Crowns" below. She Walks, She Creeps is out this Friday, October 28.

WTCHS Share The Noise-Punk Exorcism “Old Crowns”