Listen To Steve Lacy’s New Track, “Some”

The Internet’s multi-instrumentalist and vocalist shares a tantalizing jam.

Photographer Gunner Stahl
November 01, 2016

Steve Lacy was still in high school when he co-executive produced, played guitar, and added vocals to The Internet's Grammy-nominated Ego Death album. Now, the youngest member of the group has shared a new solo track entitled "Some."


As the members of the band told The FADER in their recent cover story, many members of the group, including Lacy, are working on their own solo projects before they come together as a group once more for a new record. "Some" may be the first taste of Lacy's upcoming work; the song is a brief but enticing groove that finds Lacy asking, I know there's lots of love in your heart, but who you gonna give it to? Listen to the new track below.