Watch Lil Wayne’s Nightline Interview In Full

Weezy told Linsey Davis that he doesn’t feel connected to Black Lives Matter.

November 02, 2016

Lil Wayne's interview with Nightline has been blowing up overnight, with his comments on Black Lives Matter being focused on. ABC trailed the interview with a clip in which Wayne said that he doesn't feel connected to the movement at all, and him arguing that his success in the music industry is proof that people already think black lives matter.


The full interview, which is now available to watch in its entirety, includes extra footage from the recording. Directly after the point the trailed clip ends, Wayne pulls a red flag from his pocket and tells his interviewer, "I'm connected to this motherfucking flag. I'm a gang banger, man. I'm connected."

Elsewhere in the interview, Wayne said he stands by his recent Fox Sports interview in which he said that racism doesn't exist ("No, not at all"). It is suggested by host Linsey Davis that the interview ended "angrily" with footage shown of Wayne telling her, "I ain't no motherfucking politician."

Check out the full interview above.

Watch Lil Wayne’s Nightline Interview In Full