The xx Share Mysterious Piece Of New Music

The untitled, uncredited song is featured in the band’s official Spotify playlist.

November 03, 2016

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The xx are busy working on their third album. They have a series of gigs booked for the end of the year and an Instagram filled with studio shots. The U.K. trio have also been filling a Spotify playlist with music they're currently listening to. It's a great list, with Solange, Sampha, and The Internet all on repeat in the camp.


Yesterday, November 3, a new and untitled song from an artist with no name was added to the playlist. The song has no artwork, and is just 55-seconds long. The music itself is an ambient block of sound, there are no lyrics but it feels like a palette cleanser before something bigger arrives. Spotify has it linked to Young Turks, the label The xx are signed to. You can hear the song below.

The FADER has reached out to The xx's rep for more information.

The xx Share Mysterious Piece Of New Music