Dae Dae And London On Da Track Get Caught Up In A Love Triangle In The “Dead Ass Wrong” Video

The track from Dae Dae and London’s The DefAnition tape gets a new visual.

November 08, 2016

After premiering their collaborative The DefAnition mixtape on The FADER last week, Dae Dae and London On Da Track have returned with a new video for "Dead Ass Wrong." In the Dre Films-directed clip, Dae Dae and London take over an entire aisle of a corner store and turn it up in a graffitied subway station. But, as the video goes on, we see Dae Dae and London embroiled in a "Same Girl" situation, and Dae Dae leaves the woman in question to pay a very expensive bar tab. Watch the "Dead Ass Wrong" video above.