Listen To “Pipe Dreams” From Nelly Furtado’s Forthcoming Album

The Ride comes out March 3, 2017.

November 15, 2016
Listen To “Pipe Dreams” From Nelly Furtado’s Forthcoming Album Joachim Johnson

Over the last year, Nelly Furtado has aligned herself with the pop auteurs of today, recording and performing with Dev Hynes and teasing at a remix with fellow Canadian Kaytranada. It's been five years since her last album, The Spirit Indestructible, and just two months after releasing the pulsing single "Islands Of Me," Nelly is officially back with "Pipe Dreams." It's a song to vibe out to, courtesy of the grooviest organ ever, and gives an idea of what to expect from her upcoming album The Ride, out March 3, 2017.


Don't sell me no pipe dreams, I want to live in a kaleidoscope , Nelly sings about the false hope of dreaming even when you want to live in a fantasy. "A lot of [The Ride] touches on that, in terms of sanity versus reality. The comedown, the hangover after the rush, and how you put the pieces back together, and how you make amends with the realer parts of life," she told The FADER.

The new album was produced by John Congleton, who has worked with a wild range of acts, from Angel Olson to St. Vincent, Marilyn Manson and Trash Talk. "It was kind of cool, because I'm super pop – I really gravitate toward pop melodies when I write – but John is really interesting and might rearrange my pop song into more of a punk arrangement, nothing like what I would do," Furtado said.

Stream "Pipe Dreams" above and watch a short trailer for the new album below.

Listen To “Pipe Dreams” From Nelly Furtado’s Forthcoming Album