Egyptrixx Soundtracks Environmental Decay On “Plastic Pebble [beat]”

The Toronto producer’s new album Pure, Beyond Reproach is out February 3, 2017.

November 16, 2016
Egyptrixx Soundtracks Environmental Decay On “Plastic Pebble [beat]”

Toronto producer David Psutka, who performs as Egyptrixx, has a new album out in January and a caterwauling club track from that record, "Plastic Pebble [beat]," is premiering today on The FADER. It's more structured than the harsher vibe of his Ceramic TL project, but it still provides a challenging, unpromising listen: cascading, steely electronics and ominous melodies combine to form what could be the entrance music of a futuristic death sport's champion.


“Plastic Pebble [beat]” is the sound of our oceans saturated with micro plastics — how the Great Pacific Garbage Patch might look/sound/feel washing up on the beach," Egyptrixx told The FADER over email. "A petroleum tangle of toxic, colorful litter framed by the tranquil rhythm of the waves dumping it onshore. The elements are brittle and hard but the phrasing is repetitive and kinda mesmerizing. I tried to be really specific and use intricate sounds to create a kind of experiential high resolution — detail feels good right now, especially as our political class becomes increasingly venal, garish, non-substantive and (apparently) unwilling to even mention environmental issues."

Pure, Beyond Reproach out February 3, 2017.

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Egyptrixx Soundtracks Environmental Decay On “Plastic Pebble [beat]”