Chicago Rapper Kaycee Ortiz Dazzles In Video For “30 Dollar Coat”

There’s nothing like an amazing house party.

November 23, 2016

Chicago rapper Kaycee Ortiz has a lot of star power — that much is clear from the homespun video for "30 Dollar Coat," which is premiering on The FADER today. Ortiz is originally from Mobile, Alabama and is now part of Mister Wallace's FUTUREHOOD label/crew, who released her debut mixtape Beach Street in April. In the visual, she maintains her superhero presence, glimmering in front of multi-colored lights, while surrounded by a bunch of her friends and little much else. The song is a stunner too, with Ortiz maintaining a slow flow over a dizzying beat and rapping "Rip your heart out/ Bloody Valentine."

In an email to The FADER, Ortiz said the song was inspired by a long coat with fur accents she bought at Urban Outfitters for $30. "Every time I wear that coat I feel I’d feel so rich, like the wildest of my dreams have come true," she said. "That’s the feeling I wanted to convey in this song. I grew up with pretty much nothing, I always dreamed of fur coats, expensive perfume, and couture fashions to the heavens. There are so many kids growing up in that same predicament, I want to give them that feeling of luxury that drives me to work hard every day. Thats the feeling music gives me made me try when I felt I couldn’t try anymore. I feel that’s what music is for, to inspire and uplift. And I want to pass that gift along."

Chicago Rapper Kaycee Ortiz Dazzles In Video For “30 Dollar Coat”