Spend A Psychedelic Day At The Beach With EZB In The “Hot 1” Video

The New York-via-Toronto lo-fi artist prepares for a prolific string of releases.

November 25, 2016

EZB's "Hot 1 (Honda Killit)," from the lo-fi musician's compellingly bizarre new album 6 Songs for Listening, is a scattered composition. The heavily phased guitar and fugazi horn patch sound like memories of what these instruments sound like. But it works, and this sense of strangeness only contributes to the uniquely psychedelic song's treatment of loneliness, both ironic and sincerely scared. The video, premiering today on The FADER, works on a loose ocean theme: images of sea creatures, swimming companions, and beaches at sunset are heavily processed and stitched together.


"My partner and I had just moved away from everyone close to us and were living an isolated vibe in a new city," EZB told The FADER over email. "We had just scored a beautiful apartment but were both working too much and never at home. I missed a few calls while tracking out this tune and felt that validating tingle everyone does when someone reaches out, but it ended up being an automated voicemail from Honda informing me that my airbag was going to malfunction and kill me. That's the sample in the beginning."

Listen to EZB's new album 6 Songs for Listening here via Freeer Records, and check out a remix of "Hot 1" from NYC producer Gobby below. Keep an eye out for two more records to come from EZB in the near future.

Spend A Psychedelic Day At The Beach With EZB In The “Hot 1” Video