Gobby’s “Trunks Nett” video proves he’s still a beatmaker to watch

The New York City producer’s new tape Beats By Gobby 2 is out February 14.

January 24, 2019

Gobby has been making music that sounds like the future for years in a variety of genres. His beats for Mykki Blanco's 2014 album Gay Dog Food still rave under the spell of an unduplicated hyperactive fever (not to mention "A Moment with Kathleen" predicted rap's nu-metal phase by about three years, and also perfected it). There's also "Fish Oil," a song written with James K as SETH, remains one of my all-time favorite ballads. Today, Gobby is back to beats and is sharing "Trunks Nett," his new music video premiering with The FADER.


First off: yes, as the video thumbnail suggests, the Geico lizard is featured prominently. No, it's not explained why, but director Tony Derosa of Fancy Lad matches Gobby's ability to fuse the seemingly nonsensical into a wonderful and subversive Frankenstein. Other limbs on this beast include footage of Tech Deck tricks (remember those?) and a depressed man in a frog suit. It's a perfect pairing for Gobby's beat, all distorted kicks with a melody led by what could be a de-tuned Koto.

Thumbnail photo by Adrian Martens

Gobby’s “Trunks Nett” video proves he’s still a beatmaker to watch