TOBi’s “LiBRA” Is Soul That Counts Its Blessings

A new single from the Toronto artist follows his FYi EP.

December 01, 2016
TOBi’s “LiBRA” Is Soul That Counts Its Blessings Photo by Devon Little

The Nigeria-born, Toronto-raised musician TOBi channeled pain, displacement, and joy into his experimental soul EP FYi, but his new one-off single "LiBRA," premiering today on The FADER, is about the ecstasy found in solid footing. TOBi's world is bigger, brighter, and his future is wide open, thanks to a love that eases strain. As he floats a few inches off the ground, crooning thoughts shaped like hearts doodled in notebook margins, a dusty piano-driven instrumental loops around and around, like the unsung hope that this feeling will never end.


“Being a Libra, we are prone to wanting to live in harmony with others and we have a deep love for life and people," TOBi told The FADER over email. "I wanted to challenge our ideas of modern masculinity with this record, and allow myself to be vulnerable as a romantic. In the 'swipe left, swipe right' paradigm we currently live in, human connection sometimes seems disposable. My wish is that 'LiBRA' consoles those people who still believe in romance.”

TOBi’s “LiBRA” Is Soul That Counts Its Blessings