Father Hosts A Tripped-Out Picnic In His “Heartthrob” Video

The Awful Records rapper celebrates his new merch line with some suggestive snacks.

December 02, 2016

In his music, Father sometimes comes across like a possessed children's toy. On one day he may be the teddy bear who loves his pals, sex, and drugs, but occasionally the murderous 18-inch red haired doll with a chef's knife comes out. The Awful Records rapper’s new “Heartthrob” video nails this split. He's all dimples as he raps murderous bars over a plinking jack-in-the-box possessed beat, as his cohort Avalon Lurks nonchalantly smokes cigarettes and wobbles Jell-O from behind an unusually stocked picnic table.


Ramez Silyan, who also directed Father's clip for "Big Emblem Benz," told The FADER that the mouth-wateringly colored clip is "a tribute to the odd inanimate object studio shoot aesthetic."

Father added, via email, that he wanted to surprise viewers with a sunnier direction in this video: "Many of my past music videos have either been a mix of light-hearted and wicked (i.e. 'Everybody in the Club Getting Shot') or completely dark and fucked up like 'Suicide Party.' For 'Heartthrob' I wanted something more bubblegum-y. The production on the song is so adorable, anything else wouldn't have done it justice. Ramez is the homie and after his work on 'Big Emblem Benz,' I just let him do his thing on this one. The result is something that looks more like Wes Anderson meets Toilet Paper Magazine."

Today, Father is launching a brand new Heartthrob merch store, with designs from Baker that feature the very pretty switchblade you were admiring in the video. Check out the new shirts, caps, hoodies, and panties here.

Father Hosts A Tripped-Out Picnic In His “Heartthrob” Video